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We make plant-based food using Mexican ingredients.


About Propel

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We're a Mexican FoodTech startup that creates plant-based food using only plants. Our products are responsibly, sustainably, and locally sourced, meaning that they benefit local producers and use environment-friendly ingredients.

Our launch

We expect to launch our first official batch of Propel Food during Summer 2022. But you can email us if you wanna be first to know the exact details.

Who are we

We’re a passionate team consisting of a food engineer, an economist, and a mathematician. Our goal is to reinvent the foods we love using tech and sustainable ingredients.

What we do

We create plant-based alternatives for the foods you love. We only use ingredients that are local. We already prototyped burgers, sausages, nuggets, and more.

Why we do it

Who doesn’t love juicy burgers, crispy nuggets or mouth-watering sausages?! We’ll give you the foods you love while we reduce your carbon footprint AND propel local communities.

How we do it

We are an AI-powered startup. Propel Foods is leveraging next-generation technology to help us develop the perfect foods to pamper your taste buds.

The Hult Prize


The trophy


The Hult Prize (also called the Nobel Prize for students) is the biggest entrepreneurship competition globally that crowdsources projects from all university levels.

The 2021 Challenge was Food for Good: rethink how current food systems work and make them better for the world and its people. And that’s what we did! Plant-based and hybrid food is the future of the food industry.

We can reinvent the whole food system to propel the environment, communities, and food by locally sourcing and repurposing invasive species.

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